Friday, 30 October 2015

I’ll share a secret… about being a biker by Jeff Levin of

I’ll share a secret… about being a biker

The best road trips and holidays provide relaxation, entertainment and a bit of adventure.
You add some spice by sharing it with good company, such as friends, family and could-be a loved-one.  

If riding is your passion, then a motorbike injects more than a healthy dose of excitement.

Wend your way through space unknown.  Discover the road less traveled, ignite that pioneering spirit inside you. Feel the wind in your face, the smell of the air and it's ever-changing temperature, as you venture to places where few have been.

Yes, when you’re away, the thrill of having a bike with you, whether towed or hired, makes so many “great  trips”, simply unforgettable.

You’re in the moment, living the dream !

Towing your 2 wheels, is like eating your cake and still having it. You get to have fun, without upsetting the party. 

The ride is exhilarating, your bike is neither weighed down by baggage, nor are you fatigued from riding there. 

Until wheel-on trailers such as came along, loading a motorbike onto a trailer, was quite scary. The risk of the bike falling and you hurting yourself was very real.  Well, not anymore. It’s now safe and easy.

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